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3rd Molar Extraction Surgery

3rd Molar Extraction Surgery

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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth removal can prevent the following issues:

  1. Excessive forces causing pain in lower corners of the jaw.

  2. Infections of the gum and bone tissue surrounding the wisdom teeth later in life.

  3. Erupting molar causing damage to other teeth.

  4. Swelling, stiffness, and pain.

  5. Development of cysts and tumors in the bone around infected teeth

When is the best time for wisdom teeth extraction?

In general, early removal (between ages 14 and 20) can make the entire process easier for several reasons:

  • Wisdom teeth roots aren't fully developed at earlier stages, making removal and recovery easier.

  • Removing the teeth before problems arise prevents pain and discomfort later.

  • Younger patients have better healing capabilities, which leads to faster recovery times.

At Jones Family Dental, we believe it is very important that patients are completely comfortable throughout their procedure.  In addition to being numb so that no pain is felt, we also provide various ways to help alleviate anxiety throughout the procedure.  Ask us what options are available at your appointment.  

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