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Pediatric Dentistry

Baby Teeth are just as important as adult teeth

Keeping your child's teeth healthy and happy is our number one goal.  At Jones Family Dental, we want to make sure your child has good experiences, early and often.  Dr. Jones will treat your child with the same care and compassion that he would treat one of his own children.  If there are treatment needs, we will help explain the process and answer any questions you have.


What to expect

Upon arriving at the our office, your child will have a blast in our awesome play reception room with interactive activity and gaming floor.  (See video)


When it's time for your child to come back to the dental chair, you are welcome to come back too!  Unlike other dental experiences you may have had, Dr. Jones encourages parents to be present, if they desire, in the room with the dental team from beginning to end.

Beam floor projector

Beam floor projector

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As children grow, their dental needs become more complex over time. It is important that all aspects of their dental health are monitored throughout life including dental caries, facial grow patterns and abnormalities, abnormal eruption of permanent teeth, proper speech development and even a child's self-esteem as it relates to their smile.

At Jones Family Dental, we provide a range of services to ensure that your child has the best dental care available:


Silver Diammine Fluoride (SDF)




Re-implantation treatment

Dental Trauma treatment

Early Interceptive Orthodontics


Wisdom Teeth

Frenectomies using diode laser

How we can help

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